What Inspires Design?

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January 11, 2024
Brenda Hite Baxter
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I have a deep passion for traveling. The anticipation of planning a trip and the joy of imagining every detail leading up to the departure day truly excites me. What makes traveling so remarkable is the opportunity to immerse oneself in different cultures and witness the diverse beauty our world offers. In my journeys, I often stumble upon treasures – whether they are artisanal souvenirs or serendipitous finds along the beach or trails. These cherished items have, at times, served as the spark for designing entire rooms in my home.

During a work trip to Paris with colleagues, I encountered an antique poster that now holds a special place in my heart. Initially, it was the vibrant colors that drew me in, but what truly captivated me was the poster's fascinating history. This artwork, originally an advertisement in a train station, promoted countryside travel and economic growth on behalf of the featured hotel. An old stamp on the poster attested to the payment of taxes, permitting the hotel to legally display it. This piece tells a unique story.

Meanwhile, the antique chair in the photograph had been in my family for generations. While the chair's framework remained in excellent condition, the tufting had flattened, and mildew had appeared on the back. I decided to give it a new lease on life. I stripped the chair, replaced the cushion, and had it reupholstered with this exquisite fabric. Then layering with texture in pillows!

Many of my clients also possess cherished family heirlooms that serve as a wellspring of inspiration. These items are too valuable to part with, yet they need a refresh. Reupholstering is often the perfect solution. We can introduce modern elements to complement these beloved pieces, breathing new life into the space. This, for me, is a special endeavor, as I understand the unmatched value of family treasures. Take this bench, for instance, once owned by my parents. I reupholstered it with a splendid shearling textured fabric, incorporating some of the original tapestry to craft a matching pillow. The photograph on the wall was a soul-soothing discovery during a difficult time in my life. It now shares a space with the family heirloom, creating a room brimming with meaning.

The chairs, another inheritance from my parents, underwent a transformation, now dressed in rich heather rose velvet. Much of the decor in this room also holds stories from my travels. It's my personal favorite, and it seems my cat agrees!

Nature is another wellspring of inspiration. The tranquility of being surrounded by trees, mountains, or the ocean resonates with many. The fountain in the picture was once my aunt's. When she passed away, I carefully disassembled and stored it, waiting for the day when I had the space for it. I recently acquired a new home and reassembled the fountain in my front yard. Its sight and the gentle sounds of flowing water bring me unparalleled joy. My garden, with this fountain as its centerpiece, is my sanctuary – a place I relish being in. I'm also grateful that my grandkids will grow up playing around this cherished piece.

So, what inspires you? The design team would love to connect with you and understand your sources of inspiration. Together, we can transform your space into a reflection of your unique self. Let's chat about how to make that happen.

What Inspires Design?
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