Custom Hardware Elevates Your Design

We are all familiar with the phrase "the cherry on top" and that phrase is the perfect way to describe the difference custom hardware can make.

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July 17, 2024
Brenda Hite Baxter
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Custom Hardware Elevates Your Design

Hardware is more than just a necessity for hanging your drapery. Your hardware can be a piece of art that adds creativity to the project! Expressing your style does not stop with the custom fabric and trim that you have selected, it can continue to be expressed through the color and style of custom hardware.

Custom hardware allows for so many amazing ideas when it comes to the architecture of your home.

Bending this hardware allowed us to accommodate the curved wall in this gorgeous breakfast room!
This gold curved hardware works perfectly with these gorgeous windows!
Finding hardware that worked with the angle in this room makes for a dynamic look!

Selecting different shapes of rings and rods can enhance the look of your space.

The square shape of the rings and rod are a great way to add an updated look.
Acrylic rods with silver rings bring a modern feel to the space.
The combination of the textured rod with these rings is an elegant way to finish off this room.

The options for custom hardware are endless as well as a fun way to add your personality to your home. Don't be intimidated by the shape of your window or room because we would love to help you find the perfect solution!

Contact us today to talk custom hardware!

Custom Hardware Elevates Your Design
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