Inspiration and Transformation!

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May 9, 2024
Brenda Hite Baxter
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As the vibrant Spring weather beckoned, my friends and I embarked on a leisurely interiors shopping trip. Amidst the treasure trove of creativity at OKA Dallas, a British-based haven for design enthusiasts, inspiration struck. I was captivated by the elegant fusion of tassel trim and delicate nailhead accents adorning a chair.

Upon returning home, I couldn't shake off the excitement. It dawned on me that I possessed a pair of twin chairs, lovingly passed down from my Dad, which were begging for a revitalizing touch. Thus began a thrilling journey of reimagination and reinvention.

Collaborating with my trusted upholsterer, we embarked on a transformational odyssey. The decision to bleach and refinish the chairs in rich walnut, accentuating their original wood grain, set the stage for a dramatic makeover. Bid farewell to the outdated tufting, a relic of the past, as we embraced a sleeker, more contemporary aesthetic.

Texture became our guiding principle, leading us to the sumptuous embrace of chocolate mohair velvet upholstery. But the pièce de résistance lay in the discovery of an exquisite, ethnically-inspired trim, meticulously chosen to adorn the chair's base. Hours were spent meticulously positioning it, ensuring its placement was nothing short of perfection.

Yet, our quest for perfection didn't end there. An accent welt, crafted from perfectly matched natural gimp, provided the ideal finishing touch for the seat back. Yet, something was still missing – the subtle allure of nailhead trim. Dark and dignified, it was carefully spaced along the chair's contours, a testament to our dedication to every last detail.

The culmination of our efforts was nothing short of spectacular. The once-forgotten chairs now reign supreme as a dazzling conversation piece, seamlessly blending heritage with contemporary flair. With every glance, they whisper tales of inspiration and ingenuity, a testament to the transformative power of design.


Inspiration and Transformation!
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