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When only the best will do...

You have the perfect home, the perfect office, the perfect vacation home; but something is missing—those little details that make the space around you … yours!

Custom Drapery Designs, an award-winning full-service soft goods firm, specializes in unique, high-quality custom design including wood and fabric window treatments as well as bedding and upholstery updates.

We listen to your story and your style and find just the right mixture of fabric, hardware and accessories to make your design dreams a reality.

Recent Work


Custom Drapery Designs proudly received these awards from the International Window Coverings Expo:

2018 First Place Drapery Hardware and Trim

2009 Award of Excellence

2009 First Place Drapery and Trim

Recent Posts

A Quarter Century of Custom Designs

A Quarter Century of Custom Designs

Twenty-five years ago, a young mother found an outlet for her creative passions—sewing pillows, bedding and draperies for family and friends. Thanks to a friend’s encouragement, that mom founded Custom Drapery Designs and discovered a way to combine creativity,...

Custom Means Quality … and So Much More!

Custom Means Quality … and So Much More!

Custom Drapery Designs lives out a passion for customized designs and the details that make them spectacular. It’s part of our name, after all! Custom means quality. When we sit down with a client to discuss their needs and then piece together a unique plan to fulfill...

Teamwork Makes the Design Work: Divine Dining Room

Teamwork Makes the Design Work: Divine Dining Room

Start to finish, each design deserves a team effort. Designers, installation team and clients work together with art work, inspiration pieces and architectural features to create the perfect final presentation. We’re sharing this process through a recent dining room...

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