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Custom Drapery Designs New Upholstery Pieces

At Custom Drapery Designs, we specialize in selecting new upholstery to complement any home décor or style. We are completely custom and can create any frame or project in mind from scratch. We’ve designed amazing – completely custom fabric covered ottomans. We work with skilled artisans who create outstanding wood finishes, add guild finishes, and pair with amazing fabrics and decorative nail head trim. The options are endless. From armchairs and ottomans to benches, window seats, cushions, and sofas, we’ve worked hard over the years to build solid relationships with skilled craftsmen for full scope of luxury and detail for our clients.

What Is Furniture Reupholstery? Why Should I Consider It?

If you’ve replaced your drapery with the latest fashions and styles but now feel your furniture is lagging, Custom Drapery Designs has you covered. There’s no need to replace your comfy chair or sofa. We can match or complement your existing upholstery piece utilizing our large upholstery fabric options to blend a beautiful design palette with your drapery to provide you with a complete update and a cohesive look. Furniture reupholstery is the process of restoring a piece’s frame, fabric, springs, padding, webbing, and other components. Whether you have an old wing chair, accent chair, or dining room chairs you’re fond of, reupholstering them ensures more years of enjoyment rather than throwing them out and replacing them. Reupholstery services breathe new life into old furniture pieces to make them look and feel like new again. If you’re interested in custom reupholstery to match your Dallas, TX home’s window coverings, please contact our skilled interior designers for an in-home consultation today!

Discover the Benefits of Our Custom Reupholstery Services

While you could go out and buy brand-new furniture to match your new design scheme, newer pieces may be costly or lack the craftsmanship seen in older furniture. Many of our clients prefer reupholstery because it provides an environmentally-friendly option. Why overwhelm the local landfills with furniture that’s not past its prime yet when you can refurbish it? While you may be tempted to just throw a slipcover over your item, this only offers a temporary solution and not a lasting makeover. If your piece needs new springs or webbing, ignoring this could result in further damage over time. We encourage you to take advantage of the proven value of reupholstering your favorite furniture with our help.

Tips for Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabric for Your Sofa

Choosing the best upholstery fabric for your sofa (or other furniture piece) is a decision not to be taken lightly. You want a material that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and comfortable. After all, you want your reupholstery job to be something you’re happy with for many years to come. Be sure to ask questions about a material’s cleaning needs and wear ability (how well it will age), especially if it’s going to be placed in a room with high traffic or prolonged exposure to sunlight. You also need to consider which upholstery materials work best with small children or pets present in the home. It is important to consider the fabric and quality in construction for a long-lasting return on investment – a beautiful family heirloom. Our professionals would be happy to make recommendations based on your needs and budget. Check out our client testimonials to see why so many prefer working with us when redecorating their home or office.

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Don’t throw out that well-worn and well-loved furniture! Contact Custom Drapery Designs to schedule an in-home consultation with our award-winning interior designers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We specialize in creating beautiful custom upholstery for everything from dining chairs to sofas. Call today!

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