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Custom Drapery Panel in Dallas, TX

Creative & Quality Custom Drapery by Custom Drapery Designs

Custom drapery panels elevate your interior while adding a personalized touch to your home, and they offer privacy and protection from the sun all at the same time. Here at Custom Drapery Designs, we help our clients achieve a stunning and functional space with our top-quality and customizable drapery panels. Our multi-award-winning principal designer, Brenda Baxter, will help you through each process step, from selecting a fabric style and pattern to measuring your windows for a flawless finish.

What Are Drapery Panels?

Drapery panels are window treatments that typically extend to the floor, instantly adding fashion and functionality to your home. They range from light and breezy to thick and regal to conveniently fit your unique style. At Custom Drapery Designs, we provide leading drapery panels to the Dallas community, among many other our outstanding services.

Why Choose Custom Drapery Designs?

Our custom-made drapery panels have won numerous awards and satisfied countless customers – just see what they have to say about our premium services! Our studio features a wide selection of patterns to inspire you with custom drapery panel ideas. Likewise, you can choose to create your own unique pattern for a one-of-a-kind space. Even better than our extraordinary selection of custom drapery is our one-of-a-kind assistance. With Custom Drapery Designs, you can count on an outstanding experience.

Exquisite Drapery Options for Your Space

Our custom-length drapery panels can be altered to fit windows of all sizes and come in a variety of types, including custom drapery side panels and semi-custom drapery panels. When you meet our talented team for a consultation, we can help determine the best fit for your room while providing some inspiration on colors, designs, textures, and sizes.

The different types of draperies we offer include:

  • Pleated draperies
  • Grommet draperies
  • Silk curtains
  • Blackout curtains

Rae Luxury Linen Drapery

This luxurious blend of linen and cotton invites natural light in while still providing privacy and protection. The lightweight fabric matches well with shades and shutters and includes a lux sateen lining along with a European three-finger pinch pleat. The fabric features a width of 28 inches and a bottom hem of 4 inches with a nice return to the wall and a range of sizes reaching up to 138 inches to seamlessly fit any space.

Elizabeth Classic Drapery

Featuring a linen and polyester blend that’s heavier than our Rae luxury linen drapery but with the same dimensions, this contemporary and distinguished option leaves a lasting impression in any room.

Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your Home

Custom-length drapery panels instantly enhance your interior, but that’s not the only benefit they provide. By selecting custom drapery, you’ll enjoy many advantages such as:

  • Protecting your floors, textiles, and furniture from harmful UV rays
  • Keeping your interior cool while saving you money on energy bills
  • Providing countless options to cover your windows and decorate your home

Call Us Today to Begin Your Window Transformation

At Custom Drapery Designs, our talented designers go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, both during the process and as a final result. We cater our drapery to your style and needs to leave you with a satisfying space you can enjoy and show off. Contact us today to get started!

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