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A bedroom is a place of quiet comfort, happiness, and love. People start and end their days in the bedroom, making it an area that needs to evoke feelings of positivity and joy. A well-appointed bedroom will ensure that you and your loved ones are feeling their best. While many people can spend months deciding on the right mattress and bed frame, only a few give the finishing touches the same level of contemplation. Here at Custom Drapery Designs, we believe the details make all the difference. That’s why we offer full bedding design services for your home. We offer ready-made and custom design comforters, pillows, shams, and everything else you would need to make your bed the most relaxing space in your home.

What is Bedding Design All About?

You may not think of bedding as a critical point of design for your room when remodeling. In all actuality, it is the central design element in your entire bedroom. There’s rarely any focal point in a bedroom as physically large and eye-catching as a bed, and utilizing your bedding is the perfect way to draw the attention toward it. We can help choose every element of the bed’s design for you, from the sheets to the comforter, duvet, and throw blanket. We can also decide on the best accent pillows in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures so that your room will have depth and be interesting on many levels. We can even help you find a different pillow and bedding combination to swap throughout the year when you need heavier or lighter fabrics based on the weather. Be comfortable in any season!

Different Bedding Options to Help Your Bedroom Remodel

Picking out your new bedding can be based on many different factors. The season, color of your paint or wallpaper, and your favorite texture are all factors which will help us select the perfect bedding for your new room. A wallpaper with exquisite designs may call for solid color sheets, allowing you to play with decorative pillows featuring ornate accents. If you keep your room very cool, it may be better to grab an extra thick duvet with cover to match the room’s interior. Custom Drapery Designs carries options for every scenario imaginable, including whatever you have dreamt about for your bed and room. Below are some of the other bedding options we can suggest helping you to sleep better:

  • Sheets
  • Mattress Sheets
  • Bedspreads
  • Blankets
  • Duvet and Duvet Covers
  • Comforters
  • Coverlets
  • Throws
  • Bed Skirts

Decorative Pillows Offer Comfortability and Style

Decorative pillows add a touch of class to your bedroom and comfortability when sleeping. They are the perfect accents to your bed, couch, or chair. They come in many designs, textures, and shapes to help fill the empty space on your bed and make it the focal point of your new room. Euro shams, kind and standard shams, bolster pillows or lumbar pillows, while decorative, are also functional, providing support for your back when sitting up and reading a book or magazine before you sleep. These decorative pillows with zipper closure can also help quickly change your room’s design for the new season despite using the same pillow. Decorative pillow combinations transform your bedding ensemble and can be interchanged per the preference in Season.

Photos of Custom Bedding from Custom Drapery Designs

Relax and unwind surrounded by elegance with our custom bedding. We will find the style that matches your personality and give your bedroom the flair it deserves—from simple to exotic or classic to contemporary.

Call Custom Drapery Designs for Your New Bedding

Custom Drapery Designs grants you access to some of the best interior designers for the Dallas, TX area. Brenda Baxter and Stephanie Freeman lead the way when you need a room makeover. The pair will expertly craft the perfect room by introducing new bedding and decorative pillows that will look stylish and help provide a great night’s sleep. They have won many awards that speak to their ability to beautify any room in the house and offering the dream window treatments, which is why they are consistently recognized on the annual Best of Houzz list. If you’re ready to make your bedroom the coziest, most beautiful room in your home, contact us today for custom bedding in Dallas, TX. You can reach us at (972) 598-9438 to schedule a consultation.

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