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We firmly believe the little details are what turn a house into a home, and no details can make more of a difference than soft goods, textile and textures, to compliment your space. Out of all the soft goods in a home, none makes a more powerful impact as the custom window treatments. No matter how beautiful the largest design elements of your home are, such as the architecture, art, furniture, and flooring, without the proper finishing touches, your space won’t be as lovely as it could be without proper window treatments from Custom Drapery Designs.

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Endless Opportunities for Window Treatment Design

While some people might think of window treatments as an afterthought when redesigning their home, the fact of the matter is, they make a huge difference. You can change the entire feel of a room with a simple window treatment update, because they come in such a wide array of styles and textures. The main varieties include custom couture drapery, valances, shades, and shutters. They all have their own benefits and unique style elements. All of our window treatments are installed with drilled hardware to give them the support they need to last you and your windows a long time.

Curtains & Drapery:

We line each curtain and drapery with multiple layers of lining for optimal fullness and structure. Linings can include multiple thickness of interline, French black-out, and black-out for optimal light-filtration or room-dimming and structure. Various curtain and drapery pleat styles are considered to determine the best couture detail to match the client’s personal preference, such as the long 6” traditional pinch pleat, European pinch pleat, French or Butterfly pleat, Goblet or champagne flute pleat as well as box pleat. Some prefer the Ripplefold drapery with sheers or unlined drapery for an ultimate modern interpretation.


Blinds are available in multiple finish and wood grain finishes. Blinds give you the option to go vertical or horizontal and can be manually or electronically operated to help you decide how much light to let it in the room. The vertical option normally goes with sliding glass doors but are a great option anywhere to make a room more spacious by highlighting the height. They are also a great way to keep the hot Dallas, TX sun out and cool your home. All can be custom-made to perfectly fit in your home.


Drapes often get confused with curtains, as they look the same; however, drapery are usually lined with fabric that blocks incoming light, making them better for private rooms like bedrooms. They also tend to be more formal and luxurious looking than a curtain.


We carefully consider the shutter frames, custom paint match to existing trim, 3 1/2” – 4 1/2” louvers, hidden hinges, or standard hinges available in multiple finishes, split-tilt for additional light control or light-filtration, utilizing modern interpretations with the hidden tilt and the traditional interior standard center-tilt bar.


The ultimate choice when you are looking for complete privacy in a room. They are able to be lifted to see the outside world and let some natural light either manually or by a remote control.

The Roman shade features layers of folds with styles such as the flat-fold, Hobbled, batten-bar back or batten-bar front, which mount inside the window frame or outside. Sheer shades provide options which are soft treatments which are more fashionable, breathtaking solutions. Hunter Douglas® provides motorization options with scheduled operation for energy efficiency and convenience.


Curtain and drapery custom hardware options are endless at Custom Drapery Designs. We have stationary with rings, or traverse drapery without rings, French returns, decorative finials, decorative rings, metal, wood and acrylic or crystal, and the Ripplefold hardware address all interior style options. All finishes are custom, and hardware is cut to size. Motorization options are available for ease in operation with 18v DC Power supply or battery wand with wall switches and remote controls.

The Benefits of Window Treatments

No matter what style you prefer, custom window treatments offer more than just great style. They can provide privacy, offer conveniences with motorization, or enhance the environment by balancing the amount of natural light allowed in. With room-dimming options also comes temperature blocking, meaning it will be easier to keep your home at the right climate with greater energy efficiency without spending as much on air conditioning. Who said that beautiful design couldn’t be practical too?

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