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Custom drapery design extends far beyond typical rectangular windows. In our vast experience, we’ve addressed oddly shaped or sized windows, rooms that present unique challenges for designers and the additional task of pairing new designs with existing furniture and décor.

Over the next few months, we’ll share some of our favorite completed designs that overcame each of these issues, beginning here with interesting shapes and sizes. Recently, an entire house redesign presented us opportunities to handle each of these difficulties under one roof. We’ll share photos from that project in every post; and then, in one final blog, we’ll revisit that home and show you how the entire project came together.

Quite often we encounter clients with windows in unique shapes or unusual sizes or extraordinary locations. Custom Drapery Designs delights in accepting the challenge of dressing these special openings with all the flair they deserve.

Trapezoids take the custom design cake.

Odd Shaped Windows Trapezoid by Custom Drapery Designs

A little while back, we had a client who called us with a window concern. He had—of all things—a trapezoid-shaped window! We appreciate unique architecture and style, so we eagerly anticipated seeing what we had to work with and to finding a way to cover the space in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

We took measurements and considered the unique hinge needs since shutters would only be able to open a certain way. This took careful thought and planning.

Not only did we manage to cover the special shape with custom shutters, but we also gave it a clean and modern look by excluding the tilt rod typical of traditional coverings. We call that a win!

Arches find artwork to match their shape.

  • Custom arch window design

Some of our favorite windows include arches. The shape itself boasts something rather grand. We never want to cover these or detract from their lovely shape. For this dining room, we headed straight to Tableaux® for a custom design piece that doubles as artwork itself.

The Decorative Grilles from Tableaux offer a variety of materials, colors and designs to team up for a custom design. We chose a lighter color to pair perfectly with the existing wall color.

To continue with the light and airy feel of the color palette, we custom-made soft and sheer drapery to complete the design.

Design oddities disappear when you accentuate the positive.

  • window with arch before shot

Every now and then, we find a design that just doesn’t make sense. One of our clients contacted us about their formal dining room. It called out to us to make it shine, so that’s just what we did!

The high ceilings got our wheels turning. That window, though, stopped us in our tracks for a moment. Off-center and sporting obvious differences in arch scale from the ceiling above, the window needed some additional tender loving care.

We partnered with an Italian plaster artist to customize the vaulted ceiling. The results? Stunning. The drapery had to be equally as impressive to match. Plus, it needed to make the window’s challenges less noticeable. We worked up some sketches for the client and then set out to bring them to life.

The richly flowing drapery—GP & J. Baker bronze silk—cascades to the floor. We used a tassel braid decorative trim from Brimar along the lead edge. Matching medallion holdbacks and tassel tiebacks pull the luscious coverings back on either side.

Custom Arched Cornice Window Treatments

The waterfall of overlapping swags demanded an exquisite top. We did not disappoint with a custom arch cornice board covered in solid Dupioni silk in a Moon Glow color. Atop the silky arch, we added a custom wrought iron floral accent from Gaby’s Shoppe, an artisan iron company in Dallas.

  • Custom Drapery Designs of Window

The end result took our client’s breath away, and we continued transforming each room of their home into a livable show home.

Custom drapery designs bend to fit any wall.

How do you cover a wall full of long, slender windows when the wall itself bows out on the edges and curves a few more times in the middle? By customizing a traversing rod!

  • Traverse Rods by Custom Drapery Designs

We went out for an in-home consultation with the client and took precise measurements in this breakfast nook. While the rod was being built, we spent some time in the factory where we watched the process and approved the custom colors.

  • Traverse Rods by Custom Drapery Designs

Once it was complete, we headed back for the install. The rod perfectly followed the shape of the ceiling with all its crazy curves, allowing the sheer draperies to frame the windows just so.

Custom Drapery Designs would love to address any challenging windows you may have. We’re always up for a challenge! Call us today for all your window needs—strangely-shaped, unusually-sized or oddly-placed. We’ve got you covered!

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