Traditional Meets Modern in Scandinavia

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Inspiration crosses geographical boundaries and transcends time. When Brenda Baxter, owner and principal designer of Custom Drapery Designs, traveled to Denmark and Sweden, she found herself surrounded by ideas for designs back home. The seamless melding of traditional and modern aspects in design captured her imagination.

A Land of Color

Traditional Meets Modern in Scandinavia in Dallas

As she meandered along the Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen, Brenda soaked in the medley of bright colors of the houses along the canal. The vivid façades of the townhouses make these havens of 17th and 18th-century history appear fresh and modern.

Brilliant colors continue through much of the design and landscape—not surprising, considering the Scandinavian countries provide some of the best views of the Aurora Borealis. Such natural majesty is guaranteed to spark creativity in anyone who observes the Northern Lights.

A Land of Whimsy

Floral Inspiration Designs in Denmark

Another frequent feature in design and architecture and inspiration for many of the colors are flowers. These carefully planned details add whimsy to counterbalance the bold colors around them.

Denmark’s national flower is the Marguerite Daisy. This lovely little blossom pops up in architecture and designs across the country. With its dainty petals and graceful curves, the Marguerite Daisy pairs well to soften harsh metal or add dimension to interior designs.

A Land of Grandeur

Brenda discovered many architectural layouts and fabric styles that embrace royal embellishments. Denmark’s coat of arms, with its three lion heads, appears in everything from building fronts to interior design.

Roughly hewn wooden doors with rich tones, accented with metal, open to interior luxury created with custom fabrics in rich textures. Marble and gold leaf are frequently used design materials, adding further flair. Touring the Design Museum of Denmark is a must, and inspires with fashion and furniture exhibits that span the last century.

Fashion and furniture exhibits in Denmark
Scandinavian styles in Dallas, TX

A Land of History That Lives

Modern Chair Style Design Museum Custom Drapery Designs
Scandinavian styles in Dallas, TX

Traditional meets modern in Scandinavian design. Brenda noticed this in a collection of Scandinavian chairs through history from the 1920s through today. Each one would look fantastic in a modern home’s design.

Scandinavian chairs for Modern Home Design in Dallas, TX
Modern Sofa Chairs in Dallas, TX

One company captured this approach—and Brenda’s eye. Furnishings by SLETTVOLL exemplify the clean, fresh lines of traditional Swedish design. Rustic accents and modern metal top off the pieces and make them the perfect additions to any home—Scandinavian or Texan!

Furnishings by SLETTVOLL

Do any of these images inspire you? Can you picture Scandinavian styles or a traditional-meets-modern design in your home? Schedule your in-home consultation today!

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