Teamwork Makes the Design Work: Divine Dining Room

Start to finish, each design deserves a team effort. Designers, installation team and clients work together with art work, inspiration pieces and architectural features to create the perfect final presentation. We’re sharing this process through a recent dining room design.

Listening to the Client

As with many of our projects, the design inspiration began with our client. She had been considering an update for a while and knew she wanted to showcase a transitional style. When she discovered some art work with rich copper tones balanced by other metallics, she knew it was the catalyst for a stunning presentation. And, we agreed!

Setting the Stage

Stephanie Freeman, lead designer, began with a rug to set the stage for the rest of the room’s features. She considered the existing table and chair suite and fabulous chandelier. 

With those and the inspirational colors in mind, Stephanie selected a modern rug with a cream base and accents of metallic tones. Rugs often make the greatest impact in a space, so they make a perfect foundation for the rest of a design.

Accentuating the Positives

Designers, installation team and clients together create the perfect final presentation, as in this recent dining room design.

Brenda Baxter, owner and principal designer, fell in love with the carved wood trim throughout and tall arches above the windows. She chose to accentuate these architectural styles with custom draperies. For the initial client meeting, Brenda brought multiple metallic sheers options.

“As I observed Stephanie and the client reviewing rug options, art and accents, I began to pull beautiful embellished bead and sequin artistic sheer patterns. We landed on an amazing bronze raindrops sequin sheer. Adding to the flavor, I included an accent bronze silk strie dupioni on the bottom hem. For a touch of class the French pleat seemed perfect,” Brenda recalls.

Adding on the Layers

“Dining rooms are always heavy on hard surfaces, so adding textiles adds warmth and color,” Stephanie explains. Instead of a traditional table runner, she focused on the transitional style choice and created custom runners for the two host chairs. These pieces utilized the metallic color palette in an embroidered linen fabric. The runners drape over the backs of the chairs to fall with an elegant break on the floor for an unexpected touch.

With two expansive empty walls, Stephanie sought artwork big and bold enough to fill them. She chose a set of mirrored wall panels by John Richard that perfectly covered the largest wall.

Custom Drapery Designs Dining Room Installation Chair

The final piece of this puzzle will be some sconces to provide added sparkle. She paired the wall art with a slim iron table with show-stopping crystal and gold accessories atop it for a stunning union.

The second wall earned a pair of glass-embedded pieces by revered artist Mary Hong, one of the client’s favorite creatives. The client then suggested the use of acrylic risers to add light play and height beneath the slender metallic leaf Stephanie chose as the table’s centerpiece.

Sprinkling It with Custom Details

Brenda measured the chairs to determine an ideal height for the draperies’ bronze bottom accent. She paired the draperies with custom rods and finials in a sleek tarnished silver finish, adding an additional metallic element within the drapery design. These small details add great drama to a design.

Installing Draperies for Maximum Flair

The most intricate of custom draperies and most impactful of accents cannot reach their full potential without professional, precise installation. Our team mounted the shimmering draperies tall and slightly above the arched windows in order to highlight that architectural bonus, allowing it to filter through the sheers. Top to bottom, each panel flows elegantly into a slight break on the floor.

Bringing It All Together

By featuring art with texture and dimension in addition to custom fabrics, we bring great depth into a room’s design. This leads to spaces that fit the clients’ style and life, that are comfortable and inviting and that lead the eye to wander over every exquisite couture detail we pride ourselves in including.

Designers, installation team and clients together create the perfect final presentation, as in this recent dining room design.

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