Custom Drapery Designs focuses on exquisite couture details that go beyond the shelf and outside of the ordinary to leave no detail unturned.

Custom Drapery Designs focuses on exquisite couture details that go beyond the shelf and outside of the ordinary to leave no detail unturned. We don’t stop with unique fabric and trims and hardware. By doing this, we make our clients’ spaces reach new levels of sophistication.

Creative Execution in Design

We love a challenge.

Odd-shaped windows, off-centered architecture, sharply curved bay windows and all the other characteristics that led you to choose your house—we strive to highlight these and make them shine without sacrificing aesthetics.

Custom Window Treatments

One way we achieve this is through custom templates. Window treatments don’t have to stick to the shapes we learned in preschool. Some of our favorite projects have included scalloped, sloped and other unusual edges.

Craftsmanship at Custom Drapery Designs

A second aspect to creative execution is a focus on high quality craftsmanship. Our artisans carefully eye each stitch, steam every wrinkle and smooth any ripple. We use only the best materials and then bring them together with the care and attention your space deserves.

Attention to Scale and Proportion

We’ve worked with many rooms where windows are offset in a wall or disproportionate to the size of the wall. These turn into some of our favorite projects.

In this media room, our challenge was a small rectangular window in a larger, sloping wall.

Taking the draperies up well above the actual window and covering it with clean, neutral fabrics created in classic styles make it look like it belongs perfectly in the space.

Combination of Varying Elements

This headboard and tufted ottoman exemplify how the unlikely marriage of softer natural elements and harder industrial trims and finishings works.

Opposites really do attract!

Accentuation of a Single Design Element

Sometimes taking a classic design technique and highlighting it is all the extra detail a design craves. Pleats are one of the most common finishing techniques in draperies; however, when we take one of these styles a little longer, we’ve produced something fresh that stands out. Each of these elongated pleats—goblet on the left; pinched on the right—draws the eyes in to the details and takes these panels to a whole new level.

Customization of Hardware

Hardware may be one of the first types of details that pop in your mind. We can use them in two different ways to kick up a design. The first way hardware adds to a design’s singularity is in its customization.

Traverse Rods by Custom Drapery Designs

Rather than shying away from sharp curves or odd angles, custom hardware allows us to accentuate them. This curved traverse rod makes the perfect frame for this stunning ripplefold drapery.

Addition of Layers

Floral Hardware by Custom Drapery Designs

Hardware also assists with layering details to heighten a design. In this floral covering, we copied the shapes of the flowers on the fabric in the hardware and brought them together with the whimsical flow of the ribbon. Each layer works together to produce a more full and fanciful finished product. The addition of the medallion hardware to the fabric-covered cornice board shown below enhances the look and adds a splash of “Wow!”

Medallion Hardware by Custom Drapery Designs

Beaded trim and tassels on pillows bring additional pop to custom bedding, pillows and throws. It’s in these little things that a design shifts from lovely to luxurious.

Each of these types of details in our designs makes them stand out and earns the trust and commitment of our clients.

Are you ready for some added details in your home’s design? Do you have an office that’s lacking some pizzazz? Contact us today to set up your in-person consultation.