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Brenda Baxter, owner and principal designer for Custom Drapery Designs, attended a special conference—Inspiring Design by Kim Kiner, with Hunter Douglas—back in October. She returned with a revitalized crush on colors and a sneak peek at what hues will be hottest in 2018.

Color Calls

Color influences 85 percent of our purchases. Think about the last time you browsed for clothes or décor. What drew you to your final choices? You likely answered, “Color!”

Even food or household product packaging shows an understanding of this concept. Next time you’re at the grocery, head to the middle of an aisle that’s not too busy. Situate yourself across from a shelf and close your eyes for a moment. Look up and take a mental snapshot of which packages your eyes latch onto. Think about the colors.

Certain colors simply call to us. While every person has a favorite hue—or more—each color produces particular emotions or reactions in people.

Color Creates

If you have ever chosen paint colors, you likely considered the tone you wanted to set in that room. Yellow or orange for your creative spaces. Blue or lavender for your relaxation zones.

Frank Lloyd Wright, the Father of Modern Architecture, knew a thing or fifty about color! In many of his buildings, he installed umber stained glass designs which filled his architecture with feelings of cheer and happiness.

Color Kings and Queens

Hoping for balance and peace of mind this year? You’re in luck! Pantone has selected Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year. Calm your chaos with splashes of this regal and inspirational shade.

Colors with similar tone-setting abilities include blues, greens and neutrals. You can set the stage for serenity and softness with this palette.

Colors Combine

Another color aspect Wright mastered was his fabric designs, as we saw in a previous post. He was all about creating geometric designs and exploring various color combinations. With such passion, it’s no wonder he remains a household name for design, architecture and style.

Another beautiful thing about colors is they play off one another, and the combinations feel endless. You’re sure to find exactly what you love when it comes to designs. Do you prefer a more geometric look like most of Wright’s work, solid colors with a pop of metallic glitz, global prints with tribal or ethnic designs or more traditional patterns like plaids or florals?

Let us find your perfect color combination for the new year. Contact us today!

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