Custom Means Quality … and So Much More!

Custom Drapery Designs lives out a passion for customized designs and the details that make them spectacular. It’s part of our name, after all! Custom means quality. When we sit down with a client to discuss their needs and then piece together a unique plan to fulfill those requirements, we focus on three main steps in order to deliver a custom design that showcases high quality.

Careful Attention to Detail

When we consider the details, we take into account the room’s architectural challenges or highlights. We find solutions to those challenges and accentuate the positives. Sometimes, this requires custom-made hardware with special angles, unique solutions to mask off-center windows or exclusive hardware to hide the drapery’s “nuts and bolts.”

Uniquely YOU

Each client brings us his or her style preferences, and we strive to match that in every custom drapery piece we create. From monogrammed details to inspiration from worldwide travels or artwork, our designs reflect each client’s lifestyle and experiences.

Our choice of colors and patterns fits the tone and aesthetic desired by each client for a specific space. Each aspect joins together to create a truly one-of-a-kind design, thanks to the many options we find in fabric companies such as GP & J Baker, Anna French, Cowtan and Tout, Zoffany and Samuel & Sons.

Materials Hand-picked for Every Design

We don’t follow a one-style-fits-all approach, so each piece of a design is carefully chosen and matched with other details to create a completed look that’s both cohesive and unique. Careful selections of everything from fabric to embellishments and hardware drive our designs.

Color and texture play equal roles in our fabric choices. One example of a versatile fabric can be seen above in the wool fabric swatches from three of our favorite companies: Holland & Sherry, Ralph Lauren and S. Harris. Such a strong textural component pairs magnificently with powerful accents such as the large tassels pictured above.

Great custom draperies rise to outstanding with the careful addition of hand-picked embellishments and trims, like the ones pictured above. In the images, we paired fabrics and trims from various companies for full exploration of possibilities for our clients. Brimar tassel trim highlights Vervain fabric with natural colors, while Samuel & Sons trims and embellishments add stunning texture and pop and Stout trims pull out the very best hues in Thibaut fabrics.

Hardware often provides the icing on the cake of custom designs. More than simply tools with which to hang drapery panels, these pieces—whether wood, metal or other materials—complete a design’s look and feel.

We love to play with varying combinations of trims, fabrics, embellishments and hardware. Thanks to companies like The Finial Company, Kravet, Fabricut, Brimar, Lee Jofa and GP & J Baker, we’re always delighted with new combinations and unique styles.

If you’re ready for your own quality custom design, contact us today. We look forward to creating exquisite couture details for a design that is uniquely YOU!

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC, serves Dallas and the surrounding metroplex with all aspects of a custom design project. From in-home consultation to project management to exquisite couture details to a perfect installation, we do it all. 

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