Custom drapery installation brings wishes to life!

Custom drapery installation originates with a wish.

A homeowner or business owner discovers a need…a desire…for something new, different, precise. Their appeal for window dressings sets the stage for Custom Drapery Designs to shine.

Brenda Baxter, owner and principal designer, attends to clients’ words carefully. She breathes in each request and observes every preference—be it color, style or feel. From this gift of understanding others’ design needs, Brenda drafts a 2D image as a second step in the process to interior transformation.

Custom Drapery Installation

Add to this detailed sketch tangible items such as silky tassel tie-backs, velvet bubble-textured fabric and glass finials bursting with bubbles within; and this installation is a go!

Custom drapery installation in Dallas, TX

This particular design—a traditional, yet transitional delight—calls for a double rod system to accommodate the thick, rich velvet drapes perfectly framing its flowing sheer backdrop.

Custom Drapery Installation

Each detail of the design knows intimate planning throughout, from the wood fascia on the back traverse rod to the couture touch of an elongated Goblet pleat to an ornately carved metallic tie-back enhancing the fullness of the draperies while creating an exact break from the floor.

Custom Drapery Installation
Custom Drapery Installation

Before a big reveal to the homeowners, each layer of this custom design receives careful steaming, including the elegant tassels.

Custom Drapery Installation

As the finished product reveals, this installation reflects proper placement in relation to every other design element, furnishing or light wall sconce in the room.

Custom Drapery Installation

While custom drapery installation may seem simple from this step-by-step glimpse into the process, it truly is an art form that portrays the wishes of its beholder thanks to the masterful understanding of its artist.

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