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As designers, we look forward to all the shiny trends a new year brings. We consider the many exciting ways we can incorporate new styles, materials and textures in our custom designs. But, we also know the best designs aren’t here for one season and gone the next.

The greatest designs are timeless, not trendy.

Custom Drapery Designs focuses on a commitment to finished styles that last. To achieve this goal every time, we begin with our clients, seek out only the highest quality materials and trust the outstanding team that’s made us the successful full-service soft goods firm we are today.

It all begins with our client.

Our clients are the heart, soul and inspiration behind each project we tackle. We begin with an in-home consultation where we view the space with the homeowner and discover how they use this room (or rooms) and what their desires are for the design.

From there, we sketch out everything—draperies, custom furniture, bedding, accessories and whatever else is required—and return to our client with our vision. We bring our plan along with fabric swatches, trim samples and hardware options. These tangible offerings make the exquisite couture details we’re known for come alive.

Timeless designs showcase the heart of a family and the purpose in their home. This is what we strive for by building our design foundation on the client consultation. And, it doesn’t stop there. We remain in constant contact throughout the creative process to ensure our client’s preferences are met in each stage.

Fine quality materials make designs timeless, not timeworn.

Because our designs are client-driven, we want them to still look fantastic when the children who live there are grown. Our clients deserve to settle into their custom pillows as comfortably when they retire as they do when they finally get home after a long day at work.

That is why we only use the highest quality fabrics and trims and the most lasting woods and metals as the hardware to support them. These details are what makes a design sing, and we want this tune to be one that lasts a lifetime.

Custom Drapery Designs: Timeless, Not Trendy ... Tassels

A business is only as strong as the people behind it.

Our team excels at what they do. Beyond that, they love their jobs.

Brenda Baxter and Stephanie Freeman, our designers, thrive on connecting with clients and finding the perfect materials to create a finished product that exemplifies the family’s heart and accentuates all the positives of the home itself.

We have only the highest caliber workroom. At the helm of these sturdy, trustworthy tools and machines, our artisans take pride in each stitch, every layer and all the tucks and pleats that make our products unique.

Once all the pieces have been completed, our installation team brings it all together to produce a spectacular final product. They take their time to protect the client’s home while paying careful attention to the details of the design. They steam each panel and adjust every tassel until everything hangs, lays, covers and rests perfectly.

By the time a design is complete and ready to be viewed, homeowners often find themselves speechless.

CDD … timeless, not trendy.

For a quarter of a century now, Custom Drapery Designs has served homes and businesses with style. Through our stellar custom service and couture details, we strive to remain as timeless as the designs we create.

Thank you for opening your doors to us and allowing us to make your space a reflection of who you are—for life. Contact us today to set up your consultation and begin your journey toward timeless design.

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC, serves Dallas and the surrounding metroplex with all aspects of a custom design project. From in-home consultation to project management to exquisite couture details to a perfect installation, we do it all. 

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