The Value of Custom Bedding: Creating Your Perfect Oasis

When it comes to creating a luxurious and inviting bedroom space, custom bedding stands out as the ideal choice. Unlike prepackaged options, custom bedding is tailored to your specific needs and preferences, reflecting your personality and style. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of choosing custom bedding and how it can transform your bedroom into a personal oasis. From optimal color hues to custom details that make a statement, we will guide you through the world of custom bedding and inspire you to collaborate with our team of designers to bring your vision to life.

Perfect Fit for Your Bed

One of the key advantages of custom bedding is the perfect fit it offers for your bed. With a wide variety of bed frame and mattress dimensions available, finding bedding that fits properly can be a challenge. Our bedspreads, comforters, duvets, pillows, and bed skirts are specifically made to measure, ensuring an exact fit for your bed. Professional measurements allow for the perfect drop, eliminating any unsightly gaps and ensuring a polished look.

Personalized Design and Fabric Selection

At Custom Drapery Designs, our design staff listens to your personal interests and preferences. We have access to an extensive range of fabric options, enabling us to create the optimal color flow and layering of fabrics and trim that complement your existing window treatments, art, accents, and area rugs. Whether you desire a natural organic linen or cotton feel, or a more formal ambiance with blends of silks, velvets, and satin, we can curate the exact hues and textures to accomplish your desired tone for the space.

Uniqueness and Custom Details

Custom bedding allows for endless personalization options. By adding custom trim to your coverlet, box pleat, or bedspread, we elevate the design and create a truly one-of-a-kind bedding ensemble.

Semi-Custom Bedding

Pom Pom

Additionally, we offer beautifully ready-made options from renowned brands such as Ann Gish, Lili Alessandra, and Pom Pom, which can be enhanced with layers of exquisite custom pillows.

Ann Gish
Lili Alessandra

Custom Pillows

Custom pillows not only add style and function but also provide support while reading or lounging. By playing with different shapes, sizes, fabric textures, and trim elements, we can add depth and interest to your bedding ensemble, further enhancing the exquisite detail that goes into custom bedding.

Keeping Up with Styles

Our team at Custom Drapery Designs stays up to date with the latest trends and styles in the world of bedding. We can help you update your current bedding by suggesting ways to incorporate fun new embellishments and mix them with your existing pieces. This ensures that your bedroom always feels fresh and in line with contemporary aesthetics.

Unmatched Quality and Personalized Service

When you choose custom bedding, you can expect unmatched quality and personalized service. You will work closely with one of our designers, starting from the initial phone call until the final installation. Every detail will be thoroughly discussed and relayed to our talented team in the workroom, where they take great care and pride in producing high-end products that are not only beautiful but also a long-lasting investment.

Custom bedding offers a world of possibilities to create the bedroom of your dreams. With a perfect fit, personalized design, unique details, and access to luxurious bedding lines, your custom bedding ensemble will become a true retreat, reflecting your individual style and providing a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Let our team at Custom Drapery Designs help you transform your bedroom into the perfect oasis, where comfort and elegance blend seamlessly.


Custom drapery is the perfect choice for clients who want to invest in their homes and create a space that truly reflects their unique personality and style. Unlike pre-packaged drapery, custom drapery offers a level of attention to detail that can transform a room into a work of art.


The exquisite couture details that Custom Drapery Designs offers is what will give you that “aha moment” and make your space have the feel of home. Professional measurements ensure that the drapery is perfectly scaled to the room, while endless fabric and trim options provide the opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Notice the beauty in the repetition of the sheer drapery lining the hallway, paired well with the brass hardware to coordinate with the lighting fixtures. The softness, volume and flow of this sheer drapery adds such an element of elegance.
Playful, pink pom pom fringe has been added to the traditional ticking. Intentionally creating juxtaposition by adding the rectangular acrylic hardware with brass accents. This little baby girl’s room is now complete.
This long, dramatic bullion fringe makes such an amazing statement to the finish of these gorgeous, Italian watercolor drapes as they break slightly on the hardwoods – unexpected and creates a conversation piece.
This eye-catching drapery features a fabulous mix of metals and wood that blend well with the elongated traditional pinch pleat. Playing with the pattern, we have highlighted bold color on the french welt lead edge. Brilliant and bright this drapery was a hit!
This drapery hardware speaks of rich, antique gold accents which completes the art of the drapery. The drapery itself stands alone with a unique, slender elongated champagne flute drapery heading with gold top stitch threading and a simple, classic, minimalist braid on the lead edge to finish the story. A classic!
Complimentary to the story of this dramatic, oversized, green fern embroidery is the multiple strand rattan bead tieback. The drapery adds a fabulous pop of color between the bass wood shutters and the textured wallpaper. Additionally, the volume of fold and fullness of the drapery makes ALL the difference.
Working with the amazing architecture and the texture and color of the stone, we’ve intentionally raised the drapery to new heights! Adding beautiful brass details and decorative trim that speaks to the client’s personality, balancing proportion and scale with our width and perfect, slight break to the floor, this drapery is a show-stopper!
This stunning house potentially created architectural challenges with the height and curvature of the bay. With custom curved hardware and bold trim application, adding height to the side windows and working with a combination of beautiful silk textures, full volume widths for optimal fullness and structure, the windows, although very different, are balanced and beautiful.


Beyond the aesthetic benefits, custom drapery is also a practical investment. By filtering out harmful UV rays, drapery can help protect your home’s assets, including your floors, furniture, and carpet. Additionally, drapery can help reduce energy bills and improve acoustics in a room.

Full-function, flat fold roman shades lined with optimal layers of lining, voluminous folds and decorative braid for the added textural interest, provide excellent control for light filtering throughout the day. As the day or seasons pass, raise or lower the shade as an element of design as well as function.

At Custom Drapery Designs, our designers are committed to helping clients purchase well by selecting quality, timeless, and elegant designs that will last for generations. We understand that custom projects require patience, but we promise that the end result will be worth the wait.

Thank you again, Brenda! Loving it so much and I know tomorrow morning will be even better. It was worth every penny!

Investing in custom drapery is an investment in the beauty, comfort, and longevity of your home. Let Custom Drapery Designs help you create a space that is truly your own.


What are you looking for when needing new window coverings?

What is most important when making this decision: design, function, brand, price?

When I consider a purchase for my home’s interior, I take into account the following: design, brand, function, reliability, and price. It can be a struggle, because I want what I like! Quality in appearance, innovative style and longevity matter. It is important that what I select feature quality fabric or wood, have reliable function, classic texture, soft hues, and establish a stand alone style. Brand reputation is extremely important having established customer loyalty by building trust, reputation, reliability and quality customer support. When mentioning reliability, this would be the evaluation of product or brand known for consistent operation for years and features a Lifetime Warranty. Price, is such a personal decision, based upon product education, brand reputation, and the bottom line – personal investment interest.

When selecting the preferred product offering for Custom Drapery Designs, I took the time to evaluate the quality of the product, the innovative function, and the best customer support team. Hunter Douglas was the clear winner! Through the years, Custom Drapery Designs has established a reputable standing as a Centurion Showcase Hunter Douglas dealer. Our studio has shade sampling for better visual understanding of fashion, design and function. We have years of experience incorporating Hunter Douglas shades into our window covering designs. We take great pride in educating our clients on what Hunter Douglas as to offer. Each shade style is designed to enhance your windows and express your interior style. Whatever your style, there is a product for you!

There is innovation available like top-down/bottom-up, sheer shades with privacy, many fabric and wood textures, and dual operation shades that combine translucent with room-darkening. 

Now that the product style has been determined, let’s explore lifting systems!

Pamper yourself with POWERVIEW MOTORIZATION – Customize your collection of rooms and scenes with the Hunter Douglas App, then use the scheduling feature to operate the shades whether you’re home or away. Today’s motorized shades are energy efficient and now easier than ever to manage and operate. The PowerView system smoothly integrates with other smart-home technology automatic operation as well. No more batteries! We can incorporate the rechargeable battery and recharging station for convenience and an Earth friendly solution.

There is a clean-line cord or wand ULTRAGLIDE – a convenient self-lowering system with retractable cord with wand combination. One click of the wand lowers the shade, and easily pull down to raise.

For a simple, no-cord solution, we recommend the LITERISE – this is a great solution for the baby’s room featuring no external cords for enhanced child safely. Simply manually push up to raise and pull down to lower.

The tried and true EASYRISE – We recommend this option for large shades that are wide or heavy. The continuous loop cord with tensioner displaces the weight and allows an easy pull cord option to raise and lower the shade.

Custom Drapery Designs focuses on the whole window design highlighting the ambiance, translucent outside view, energy efficiency and interior style. We look forward to the opportunity to recommend the right product to suit your need considering the optimal design, function and investment outlined.


The Design Process

Is it intimidating when considering the custom design process? How does this work? What if you have no idea what you want? Maybe all you know is that something is missing; cohesiveness or possibly the feel of home.

So how does this work?


When you call our office you are connected with one of our talented designers. Custom Drapery Designs is a woman-owned and operated, award-winning, drapery design firm. We specialize in custom, couture drapery design, Hunter Douglas shades, motorization, custom bedding ensembles, and re-upholstery. We understand the first call can feel intimidating, but we want you to know it’s just us on the other end and we are looking forward to hearing from you! We assure you working together will be an enjoyable, informative and rewarding experience! 

The initial conversation is to get to know you and hear about your design needs. We listen carefully to what is said and ask questions to better understand your personal design preference.

We take great pride in the complete scope of the project balancing well with your existing interior. It is important to complete your space and feel as if our custom project’s addition has now added purpose and interest.

With the initial call, be prepared to express your personal style, color preferences, and defined need.

  • Are you looking for light-filtering?  Possibly the evening sun is making its presence known in a not-so-great way in one of your rooms. Your investments, like the grand piano, hardwood floors and upholstery need to be protected from the harsh light. The proper drapery lining will assist with the privacy, full-function drapery as well as support the optimal flow for light filtering and ambiance.

  • Are you wanting full-function drapery or stationery? Are you are needing privacy in a room? Are you wanting the windows to further express your interior style? The addition of beautiful soft-flowing fabrics, or rich, bold color and texture, add depth and the right amount of personality to the space. Additionally, pleat styles for drapery headings equally allow you to express personal style. Function is another consideration such as motorization and scene programming for energy efficiency, comfort and convenience.

  • What is your style: modern, transitional, contemporary, or traditional?  Maybe you have not quite defined your style. Do not worry!  We can review your home’s architectural style and your current furnishings. We’ll hear about your existing color hues and ask about any art and area rugs to consider when balancing patterns and layering texture.

  • It is also important to discuss the project scope and desired investment value.

After gathering all of this information, it is time to schedule an in-home consultation so we may expand on our mission and present beautiful elements to inspire your projects direction. 


This is the fun part!  After we have outlined your preference in the project’s investment, we are ready to schedule an in-home consultation where we share fabric inspirations, decorative trim embellishments, hardware ideas, optimal lining recommendations, and possibly Hunter Douglas shade samples for concept and function and visual understanding. We measure the windows and with the highlights from our meeting, head back to the design studio to complete the details for our presentation which two-dimensionally illustrates how our custom project will look three-dimensionally.


Our design studio is filled with beautiful materials from a vast compilation of national and international textile, trimming and hardware industry vendors. We have baskets with stunning hand selected inspiration fabrics organized by color group, as well as, fabric books loaded with brilliant texture. We have upholstery, velvets, chenille, cotton prints, silk textures, fine weaves, linen, and sheers. We also have hand selected a huge assortment of decorative braids and ornate passementerie for that perfect finish.

We have industry relationships with the finest custom drapery hardware from motorization and traverse, curve and bend, and forged iron, ALL with beautiful custom metal and wood finishes.

Custom Drapery Designs is a Centurion Showcase Hunter Douglas dealer and we have walls dedicated to shade sampling for better visual understanding of fashion and function. We have years of experience incorporating Hunter Douglas shades within our designs.


Visuals play such an important role in obtaining a better understanding of how the complete custom project will look at the finish. Once back in the office, we expand on the design highlighting the inspiration from our in-home consultation.  We hand sketch the design for an optimal visual, gather sampling of the materials, and hand select the custom hardware to compliment the final drapery design.


The presentation appointment is exciting! We present the final drapery design ensuring the full scope of design meets the original investment outlined. Our goal is to listen to your wish list and answer beyond your expectations.

Once the client has decided on the final drapery design and the initial investment complete, production begins!  Now the vision is 6-8 weeks away from coming to life.


Each project is professionally measured, and our designers personally manage each project from beginning to final installation.  During the measure, the workroom and designer will confirm every detail is outlined. The projects fabrics, decorative trim elements and custom hardware are purchased and await the completion of production. 


Then it is here, installation day!  Our white glove professional installation team and your personal designer are there to ensure the project’s installation is a stress-free, successful experience.  We especially love to watch the unveiling and excitement in our client’s eyes when the completed installation is revealed. Our clients are very important to us and often become great friends and repeat clients.

Now that we have removed the feel of intimidation, let’s work together to find the feel of home!

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC

Custom Drapery Designs, LLC, serves Dallas and the surrounding metroplex with all aspects of a custom design project. From in-home consultation to project management to exquisite couture details to a perfect installation, we do it all. 

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